ISSO is the knowledge platform for professionals in the Dutch construction and installation sector. The organization was once founded by a number of industry organizations with the aim of making knowledge accessible to the sector. For example, when it comes to construction technology, mechanical installations or safety.

The organization has since become independent and has developed into a knowledge authority with a clear ambition: to become an open platform organization that markets validated professional knowledge and develops knowledge together with market parties. To this end, efforts are being made to significantly expand the various information services, a digital (e-commerce) platform and accompanying mobile app.

ISSO is the Dutch leading knowledge and education platform for the Construction and Installation sector.

Through one of the webinars, Irene van Veelen, HR Manager at ISSO, came into contact with the Moving As One approach and the philosophy behind responsive organizations: “It is important that the development of our organization matches our ambitions. We want to continuously monitor this: for example, do individual employees come into their own, do teams work well together, et cetera. The mutual coherence is very important. That is why we opted for the Moving As One approach, using the Praioritize research platform. Because that helps us to develop with focus: we see to what extent people are working on the same priorities, where people are lagging behind or leading the way. This allows the individuals and teams to be supported by their managers in a very targeted manner.”

Very fast, with a lot of insight
Within a week, ISSO and Moving As One had tailor-made the questionnaire for the organization. Within a day, about 30% of the employees had already completed the questionnaire. “Due to the real-time nature of Praioritize, we gained a lot of insight very quickly – at the level of individuals, teams and the entire organization. This enabled us, as soon as all responses had been received, to immediately analyze the results and draw up an action plan that we are now implementing. The fact that dashboard are available to managers (their teams) and individuals (personal scores and priorities) helps to involve everyone in our next steps”.

Artificial intelligence in real time
“Working with artificial intelligence in real time is extremely efficient, according to Theo Kroese, managing director of Moving As One. “In fact, you are done with the research in four to five weeks and you can start working with the results. That is at least two months faster than with conventional research methods.” Due to the dynamic set-up, we can repeat the assessment in three to four months. Priorities that have been achieved can be removed from the questionnaire and, in line with the development and ambitions, new priorities will be added. In this way, the organizational development is designed step by step, in line with the vision and priorities. And everyone is included in the movement.”

Dashboards are available at every granular level: individuals, managers, directors, board.