How we help

Consultancy and interim management
Change is all about people and their relationships. But this is also where we find the most common causes of friction that hinder change. We help you understand these dynamics, act upon them, and get the people in your organization into motion. As a result, they engage stronger than ever with each other around a common ambition, creating an organization that is more agile, resilient, and energetic.

Coaching programs and workshops
Our coaching programs and workshops are all about insight, inspiration, and action! They help individuals and teams to get moving while applying the principles to achieve effortless change – be it for themselves or as a team.

Move As OneExecutive Program For management teams that want to increase their effectiveness, but seem stuck in unproductive behavior. After some preparatory interviews, we tailor a two-day program that will get your team on the move, as one. This program lets you experience your unique combination of talents and skills and the potential of your team. Afterwards, you will have a clear vision of your future together, and an ambitious action plan in which everybody clearly understands their roles and responsibilities. The most notable side-effect is an enhancement of trust and cooperative spirit, necessary to get going.
Get MovingExecutive coachingYou have management experience and are full of ambition. You want to grow further as a person and professional and gain more satisfaction from your collaboration with others. That could be your current job, or maybe you want something different. You want to take full responsibility for your career and job satisfaction with more self-confidence and energy. You are convinced of your potential, but where should you start?

Are you the executive who fits this description? Do you want to understand your potential better and get more out of your career? The executive coaching program last six weeks and will get you on the move in three.
Effortless Sales WorkshopIn this workshop, everybody involved in business development and sales will learn to take the lead in their sales pitch in the most natural way, structure their narrative, and deliberately convey, or leave out, certain messages. You will learn how to play with resistance. All the while applying neurological principles that will leave your client with one thing: an irresistible desire to buy from you!
Effortless ChangeKeynoteDo you have an event or a team meeting and are you looking for inspiration on how change can be improved? Then consider a keynote on Effortless Change (Dutch or English). Supported by humorous and moving anecdotes, I will take you through a management approach with which you can ignite change that is more effective, faster, and more fun than change that is ‘managed’.

Let’s talk!
Do you want to take your organization along in a transformation and start moving as one? Contact me at: or +31 6 23 10 22 32.