Workshop Effortless Sales

Everyone is always selling something. Even those who don’t consider themselves ‘born’ salespeople. Think about it: at some point you convinced your boss to hire you! Wasn’t that a sell? You convincingly ‘sold’ this idea by applying a number of (neurological) principles that convinced your boss of your qualities. What if you consciously set up every sale in such a way that your prospects develop an irresistible desire for you and your products or services? All you need to do is be yourself and apply the right principles to the conversation! Because sales isn’t about role play. It’s about, well, eh… selling effortlessly!

The workshop Effortless Sales is just about that: the most convincing and effective way to structure a sales conversation. Surprisingly, it’s less about selling as a skill and much more about the story you convey in the process and the way you that.

The workshop provides case studies and teaches the most recent (neuro)scientific insights that help to affect the subconscious of your prospect – because that is where the decision takes place! The event is highly interactive. Participants learn the dynamics of a compelling sales conversation. Most importantly they will understand the neurological reasons why these dynamics work the way they do. During the workshop we will actively rehearse particular aspects with the participants. They receive assignments based on cases applicable to your organisation. Topics that will be dealt with are:

1. The purpose of a sales pitch.
Spoiler alert: this isn’t about the signature under the sales contract, but about something much more important: the change you realise in the preferences of your prospect.

2. What motivates people to change or not to change.
This knowledge is relevant to understand several ‘no go’ areas in a sales presentation. We will discuss these areas and, more importantly, how you can help your prospect navigate towards the irresistible desire for you and your company – without him or her experiencing that you are steering them at all

3. The anatomy of our brain.
You need to understand the subconscious part of the brain and how it reacts to messages you throw at it. It will help you get rid of all information that is, subliminally, experienced as boring, threatening or unwelcome in any way. You will understand what information and messages to build into your presentation and you will use this knowledge to carefully prepare the content of your sales conversation.

4. The structure and content of the sales conversation.
Now that you have come to understand the principles that create the ‘irresistible desire’ among your prospect, it is time to make apply this knowledge in your sales pitch.

5. Dealing with objections
One thing that definitely does not work is debating them. As arguing with your prospect will come across as threatening – no matter how good your intentions. But you can use those objections to your advantage elegantly, so that the conversation does become a dance rather than a debate.