Workshop Effortless Change

The best change always comes naturally, when people start moving as one. If you understand and utilise the change capacity of your organisation and see the potential of your people, successful change emerges. Then people automatically start moving as one. That is more effective, faster and more fun than change that is ‘managed’.

The workshop Effortless Change provides you with insights and inspiration that help you to see and harness the unique potential of your organization. Through compelling insights and cases we provide you with the knowledge to build an organization that changes naturally – agile, resilient and full of energy. This workshop helps you and your management team on your journey of discovery into what your organization needs and how you can contribute to it.

The workshop will be tailored to your team’s questions and needs. It will be programmed during one or two sessions, each lasting approximately four hours. There is plenty of interaction and working with cases to gain practical understanding of the dynamics of effortless change. The main topics that we will deal with are as follows:

1. What is the nature of change?
2. Finding the sweetspot of effortless change.
3. The changing role of management.
4. Get the flywheel of change going…