SweepSmart is a social business that was founded on the belief that waste management systems are characteristic of a country’s prosperity and wellbeing. It’s brand promise: ‘Turning waste into happiness’.

The founders were inspired to this idea after they were confronted with tremendous negative environmental impact and the terrible working conditions of waste workers – including children – on the landfills in India. The company specializes in designing, building and (turnkey) developing of waste collection and sorting systems. This includes IT, equipment, quality standards and training of people. In 2017 the company delivered the first project to the city of Bangalore. Since then it has experienced strong growth and has realized eleven facilities in India and Indonesia. Currently, the company has five more facilities in progress, one of which is in Ghana. 

Waste management is a wide and broad business ecosystem with many different stakeholders, solutions and technologies. This is especially true for upcoming economies: therefore, the challenge for the company is to be unilaterally clear about its potential and how it stands out from other players in the industry. 

After a meeting between SweepSmart and Moving As One, it became clear that there is a myriad of possibilities for a young and innovative company like SweepSmart. The strategic choices SweepSmart will need to make – now as well as in the future – need be based on a clear and inspiring Vision and Mission. These serve as foundation and guidelines and provide direction and energy. Obviously they must be in alignment with the identity and motives of the organization. 

Moving As One developed the insight that ‘happiness can only thrive if everybody wins.’ In other words: healthy economic growth goes hand in hand with social and environmental progress. The difference SweepSmart makes is not so much in realizing waste management systems in and of itself. The difference is in their economic viability ànd inclusiveness of all stakeholders. Particularly the waste workers.

The results are a Vision, a Mission and ‘Brand Narrative’ that provide the basis for a strong positioning that stands out from the competition.

Silvia de Vaan, co-founder and CEO of the company: the competitive landscape in global waste management necessitates a clear and sharp positioning. Moving As One has helped us come to the foundation for our strategy and future development. Our Vision and Mission reflect what we stand for, and provide a clear direction for the future. Most importantly: they help engage our employees and all our stakeholders as we find that these statements resonate very well with them.’

Happiness thrives if everybody wins.
We believe in a world in which every community has an efficient and modern waste eco-system as foundation for progress and prosperity in balance with nature.

To realize zero-waste eco-systems that make economic sense, serve the community, save the environment and create jobs to be proud of.

Brand narrative
We believe that healthy economic growth goes hand in hand with social and environmental progress. In other words: happiness can only thrive if everybody wins! This requires a modern and efficient waste management sector with an inclusive economic perspective. So that communities, governments, waste management companies and waste workers benefit from more prosperity in balance with nature.

Many governments in upcoming economies see the potential of zero-waste eco-systems. But how can you realize smart waste management that entails a win for everybody? We help you make the leap from ambition to achievement! We build waste management systems optimized for your community. We have a deep and longstanding experience in waste management around the world. Therefore, we know how to navigate the intricacies of waste management systems in different communities and countries. We know how to tailor best practices to your situation.

We advise and engineer. Design and deliver. Connect and create. In short: we make it happen. So you can keep the environment clean, support economic progress and create jobs to be proud of.

We are SweepSmart. A business on a mission: to turn waste into happiness.