Free webinar ‘Know how to change purposefully’
Thursday, April 29, 15.00 – 17.00 hrs. CET (in Dutch)

Organizations conduct a lot of research on employee engagement, customer satisfaction and so on. However, many of these studies no not contribute to improvements as much as they could. That is because the fundamentals in most surveys have room for improvement. This has to do with the length of the studies, the way questions are asked and, most importantly, the direct alignment of the survey’s content with the organisation’s strategy and priorities.

In this webinar, you will learn how you can use better survey setups to truly align and engage your organization and improve your change programs. Using Artificial Intelligence in real-time.

Part of this free webinar is a live-demo so you will experience first hand how technology will help you make the change!

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Corporate webinar ‘The Art of Moving As One’
We also offer organizations the possibility to have a tailor made webinar for their leadership and management. In this corporate webinar, we will discuss the fundamentals of responsive organizations in detail, applied to the specific situation of your organization. Included in the webinar are:

  1. Detailed intake to understand your specific situation and objectives.
  2. Three hour webinar for selected executives, managers or staff.
  3. Follow up Q&A session to discuss internal feedback and first findings.

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