The services offered by Moving As One help you build a Responsive Organization in which change happens organically and people become your ultimate differentiator. For this, we offer the following services, which align with the different phases that are needed to arrive at such a Responsive Organization:

Identify your unique potential
Moving As One will help you articulate what makes your organization truly unique. This unicity is to be found in a strong vision and a compelling mission, combined with the unicity of the people in your organization, those who will make the change happen. Read our blog why Visions and Missions are critical to a Responsive Organization, and how you get there.

Organize for success
Once you have raised the awareness in your organization about its unique potential, it is time to organize for success. We help you bring the individuals involved into their own, form strong and autonomous teams and create a culture of inspired change. If you want to be prepared well for the next step, it is important to understand the most important frictions that inhibit successful change.

Get moving
Once the organization is in place, we help you understand the (piecemeal) steps that are needed to create the responsiveness you need. It often means rethinking the way your organization collaborates and resolves dilemmas, including the role of management.

Know what to do
When your organization is On The Move, it is necessary that everybody understands where they are and what needs to be done next. We help you with insights on every level of the organization – individuals, teams, team leaders, division directors and the executive level. In our blog ‘Knowing What To Do’ we explain how we involve everybody, how we ask questions and how you will get relevant, actionable, information on every (granular) level of your organization.

Workshop: The Art Of Moving As One
There is a growing need among business leaders for insights and inspiration on how their company could become Responsive and organize for success. Our Workshop ‘ The Art Of Moving As One’ does just that. Here you can read all about it.