Your company’s unique potential

We help you to identify and articulate the unique potential of your company. This unicity is embedded in its vision, mission and unique culture.

Sure, every organization has a vision and a mission. But do they truly reflect your company’s potential? Does the vision reflect awareness of your added value? And imagination about the possibilities it has in its markets and ecosystem? In other words: does it provide a clear direction for your organization? And is the mission compelling enough to appeal to (potential) employees, (prospective) customers and other stakeholders? Does it provide the energy for change?

The litmus test of Vision and Mission
A good test is to analyze the vision and mission statements of five competitors in your market. How many feel genuine, authentic, strong and compelling? And how many come across as being ‘defined by committee’, merely being politically correct rather than energizing and inspiring?

Next, anonymize the statements and have a little quiz with your colleagues: who can guess correctly which vision and mission belong to which competitor?

Vision and Mission are often underestimated for the powerful foundation they build. They provide the direction and energy for your organization and express its unicity. As such, they hold an appeal to your (potential) employees, (prospective) customers and all stakeholders in your ecosystem.

Once you have identified and articulated your company’s unique potential you start to organize for success.