‘Growth from the Inside-Out’

A free webinar about responsive organizations


Thursday, April 8, 15.00 – 17.00 hrs (CET).
NB: this webinar will be in the Dutch language

For whom?

Entrepreneurs, executives and managers that want to build agile and resilient teams and organizations that can change organically.

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Are you tired of ‘managing change’?

Scientific research has revealed that many teams and organizations suffer from frictions that inhibit success and limit progress. For example, change programs often result in more frictions than they resolve. As a consequence, most change programs and projects fail or fall short of expectations. That is because in most cases, the root cause of the frictions lie in people and their relationships not being taken into account sufficiently: although the plans are often good, managers feel like they are ‘pulling the grass to make it grow’ and to the people involved the changes feel ‘imposed’ rather than that they feel engaged and inspired to contribute.

Then ‘Growth from the Inside-Out’ is the right webinar for you!

Responsive teams and organizations change organically and effectively to changing (market) circumstances and unexpected events. In these organizations people are well attuned to one another and they have come into their own. There is a strong sense of purpose, high autonomy and a coherent organization. As a result, responsive organizations sense the needs of their markets very well and adapt swiftly and effectively.

The webinar ‘Growth from the Inside-Out’ focuses on how to build responsive teams and organizations. Based on scientific insights, practical expertise and cases, you will learn the following:

  • why responsive organizations are necessary;
  • the most important frictions in teams and organizations that inhibit successful projects or changes;
  • a perspective on management that fits the speed and complexities of today’s world;
  • the characteristics of responsive teams and organizations;
  • how to build a responsive team and organization. What are the steps to take?

Included in the webinar:

  • Half an hour one-on-one session with Theo Kroese, managing partner of Moving As One to discuss the (follow-up) questions and topics specific for your team or organization.
  • A free copy of the whitepaper ‘Responsive Organizations’.

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Growth from the Inside-Out

This two hour (free) webinar will provide you with insights and inspiration about responsive organizations. You will know how to apply the principles straight away and which steps to take with your team or organization to start moving.

What you will learn:

  1. What are responsive organizations? What are their characteristics?
  2. Why does this time call for responsive organizations?
  3. The most common frictions in teams and organizations that limit progress and prohibit change.
  4. A new perspective on management in the world of today.
  5. The inside-out paradox: why organizational ‘change from within’ is more effective.
  6. How to get moving – what are the steps towards a responsive team or organization?

The webinar is highly interactive and will deal with many practical examples and cases (successes, failures, in- and out-of-the-box).

Follow up included:

After the webinar, you will have the toolset to start moving with your team or organization. We know that, once you get going, practical issues and questions will arise that are specific to your situation. Which is why the webinar is inclusive of a one-on-one consult session of half an hour with Theo Kroese, founder and managing partner of Moving As One. This session gives you the opportunity to present and discuss your most pressing questions and ideas after the webinar.

Also included is the whitepaper ‘Responsive Organizations’ which will be shared with you after the webinar.