Moving As One

The organization is the ultimate differentiator
Working from the inside-out is necessary to make your organization ‘move as one’ and express its unique potential. This requires an awareness about the unicity of your company and its meaning for your stakeholders. If shared well across the whole company, it will create an integrated marketing operation which creates brand experiences that equal the brand promise. It makes your organization, and its behavior, the ultimate differentiator.

Marketing involves the whole organization
The purpose of Marketing is to create a compelling instinctive preference for the product or service that your company is selling. This is a long-term activity of delivering outstanding quality and communicating it in consistent ways. As everybody in the organization is in some way involved in the creation of value, they are all part of marketing. Whether manufacturing products or operating back-office processes, if they stop doing what they’re doing, something of value is lost (if that’s not the case, the task at hand could be abolished immediately).

Marketing is more than marketing-communication
Unfortunately, many B2B companies limit the marketing function to marketing-communication. As a consequence, they tend to work from the outside-in, tuning their messages to what they think the market would want to hear. Although this appears to be customer-centric, it rather promotes similarity between brands and emphasis on price rather than the delivery of unique value.