Hendrik Veder Group

Hendrik Veder Group is the most experienced supplier of cables and cable technology in the Netherlands. Maybe in the world. Countless ships, cranes and other heavy equipment around the world rely every day on the power and durability of Hendrik Veder products.

The company has taken the lead in its sector in terms of sustainability and data-driven business operations. The strategic reason is that cables and cable technology often are “low interest” for customers. As a result they often do not know how many cables – of each type – they have in their yards, or where these are located. Or what the state of maintenance and repair is. This creates an unnecessary waste of time, money and equipment. With an unnecessary burden on the environment.

Data and proactive asset management are the pillars on which Hendrik Veder Group develops added value that’s different from the competition. During the development of the strategic plans, management acknowledged that this required clear substantiation: they wanted to inspire employees, customers and other stakeholders to actively support the new proposition.

This includes a vision and mission that are clear to all involved and provide energy. And a brand promise that properly reflects the strength and distinctiveness of the company.

Moving As One was asked to help the company with this question. In two weeks time a proposal was developed that does justice to the quality and identity of the company.

Egbert Vennik, CEO of Hendrik Veder Group: “Many visions and missions try to tell too much. Which is why they lack strength. We wanted to keep it short, sweet and compelling. And as simple as possible. Because it must be clear to every employee why we exist and what we want to achieve for our customers every day. Moving As One has succeeded very well in this. The vision is about the love we have for our products, services and organization. The mission clarifies why we get up each working day and what we want to achieve. Most importantly, our people actively participated in the discussions and provided their input. This has helped us to get the entire company, in all countries in which we operate, behind the new strategy that we are rolling out. The ‘icing on the cake’ was our new brand promise. This makes it crystal clear that we go much further than just supplying cables: we deliver added value solutions that are more cost-effective and eliminate bottlenecks for our customers. And they are more sustainable. This has made our positioning in the sector even more distinctive.”

Hendrik Veder Group supplies fantastic cable products, cable technology, knowledge, services and innovations.

Hendrik Veder Group provides every customer, in every situation, the most added value and a great experience.

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