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“It is important that the development of our organization matches our ambitions. We want to monitor this continuously. E.g. do individual employees come into their own, do teams work well together, et cetera. The mutual coherence is very important. That is why we opted for the Moving As One approach, using the Praioritize research platform. It helps us to develop with strong focus: we see to what extent people are working on the same priorities, where people are lagging behind or leading the way. This allows the individuals and teams to be helped by their managers in a very targeted manner.” – Irene van Veelen, HR Manager

“We wanted to keep our Vision, Mission and Brand Promise short, sweet and compelling. And as simple as possible. Because it must be clear to every employee why we exist and what we want to achieve for our customers every day. Moving As One has succeeded very well in this.” – Egbert Vennik, CEO

“Moving As One has helped and inspired the executive board of Djops to a renewed strategy, and a new way of leading and organizing that helps us to build a ‘responsive organization. And it shows in the development of our organization and the results.” – Hans Appeldoorn, Founder and CEO

”Moving As One has helped us come to the foundation for our strategy and future development. Our Vision and Mission reflect what we stand for, and provide a clear direction for the future. Most importantly: they help engage our employees and all our stakeholders as we find that these statements resonate very well with them.” – Silvia de Vaan, Founder and CEO

“Moving As One has helped Happy Brain Clinics pinpoint the unique potential of our organization. Subsequently, they have come up with an effective positioning and marketing approach that helps us professionalize our organization and operation.” – Caro Botman, CEO Happy Brain Clinics.

“Moving As One has helped Northridge Engineering to define what makes us truly unique and how the company culture serves as a differentiator. Further to that they have helped us make it happen by establishing a strong positioning strategy, a clear brand promise that stands out and a marketing road map that helps us reinforce our position as a premium brand in the Nigerian market.” – Saad Ismail, founder and CEO, Northridge Engineering