What is a responsive organization?

Responsive organizations are organizations in which change takes place in a natural, organic way. And successfully. Because responsive organizations know how to involve people in their ambitions. They have a strong awareness of the potential for the markets they serve and the economic “ecosystem” of which they are a part.

Why considering your ecosystem matters
All players in an ecosystem need each other to some extent. No company can thrive alone. The position of a company stretches beyond the relationship with its customers. Its position in the entire ecosystem, which includes suppliers, financiers and society, is more relevant to consider. The quality and support of your suppliers, for example, determine the quality and distinctiveness of your products and services. It is relevant that your company engages suppliers with its ambitions. This contributes to innovations and solutions to problems your customers encounter. Another example is the social acceptance for the behavior of your company which is relevant to the reputation of your brand. Your actions, and the motives behind them, will always be discounted by society – and may even be magnified on social media …

Responsive organizations have a strong imagination about their potential. In addition, they are so well connected with their environment (customers, suppliers and the rest of the ecosystem) that they sense very well how they can develop that potential, step by step.

Based on their awareness and imagination, responsive organizations are organized in such a way that development and growth are driven by the employees. Change is inspired, not managed and growth emerges ‘from the inside-out’.  This is caused by a strong connection among the people involved and the outside world, inspired by leadership.